When your goal is to become a homesteader, a prepper, or a survivalist – or all of these – you can find a ton of valuable and free information about it all by watching YouTube videos. Even if you are already an old hand at it, you can always learn a new thing or two and keep improving your own knowledge and skills.

With that in mind – who should you watch on YouTube?

Start with watching our own Homestead Survivalist Solutions channel of course and be sure to subscribe while you are there! While the channel is just getting started it is going to be a go-to place for great information soon and then will only get better and better over time from then on.

There are plenty of others you could – and I think should – watch too.

Take a look at Doug and Stacy’s channel;


Years ago they chose to leave the city way of living and moved to the country, built their own cabin, and have been building and making their own stuff ever since. Doug mentions that before he built the cabin he had no previous experience – and yet was able to build a beautiful cabin and home for himself and Stacy. Together they have made quite a nice life for themselves and they are an inspiration to us all.

Go check them out – and tell’em I sent you!

You might also want to take a look a Joe Robinet’s channel;

Joe Robinet 

Joe is not a homesteader nor even a survivalist perse, but the skills he has and shows through his videos are invaluable to homesteaders, survivalists, preppers, people interested in camping and outdoor adventures and anyone else who wants to develop skills and knowledge that can be very helpful in all kinds of real-world situations in life.

Beyond that, he is just interesting and entertaining to watch.


Another channel you might want to take a look at is;

Live Simple, Live Free – Tinyhouse Prepper

Another interesting couple who decided to simplify life – escape the rat race and live better on their own terms. He is also a former truck driver, and trucking is a major part of my life – and I am always interested in the things other truckers do.

They have all kinds of videos from how to reviews, and I just like watching their videos – hopefully, you will too.

Check out their channel and tell them I sent you!

Who are Some of YOUR Favorite YouTubers?

Tell me who you watch and I will go check them out too. It never ceases to amaze me that there are other people with very good information – and many have been around for years – that somehow or another I have never managed to find until one day I stumble across their channel or articles somewhere or another.

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