The question is a matter of when – not a matter of if. You will absolutely experience a crisis and chances are you will be tested by many in your lifetime. Reality and is what it is like it or not – and it’s just the way things are. That means you will be far better able to deal with challenges as they occur if you prepare before they occur.

That means you should prepare NOW!

What it doesn’t mean is that you should panic or live in fear – yet also do not live naively or in denial either. Just start learning and start doing the things you need to be doing to ensure a better outcome for yourself, your family and those you care most about when things do go bad quickly.

So what kinds of things can happen that become a crisis quickly;

  1. Weather – storms, heavy rain, power outages, flooding and disruption of services
  2. Crime
  3. Civil Unrest
  4. Technology failure – banks and everything else runs by computers and electricity. If it stops so do services and access even to your own cash
  5. Virus and Communicable Diseases –
  6. Water Contamination
  7. No access to fuel
  8. Accidents and Intentional Disruptions – Car crashes happen and take out power grids by sections, and they may also be terrorist targets resulting in long term and widespread outages
  9. Civil Collapse – look at what happened after Katrina – learn from it NOW!
  10. Anything Else – All kinds of things can and do happen. Some you can reasonably predict (typical power outages etc.) while others may just happen at any time and be caused by other people or circumstances without any prior warning


Let me ask you a few questions, and you consider them write down your own answers and see how you do;

What will happen and how will it affect you if your power goes off in exactly 30 minutes from now and does not come back on for a week?

If your current source of water stops working – do you have enough water on hand and accessible right now to comfortably survive for two weeks or more?

If you have no power and you are not able to get any heating oil or propane delivery or go pick any up, then how are you going to cook, to heat your home and deal with your waste?

If you cant buy gas for your vehicles how will you be able to travel?

Your cell phone stops and the landlines are all gone – how will you communicate?

How about getting information about what is going on – do you have a radio and batteries and a way to recharge them?

Do you know how to make a fire – with a lighter (have you done it lately) and without any matches or a lighter (Have you ever ACTUALLY DONE IT?) and are you confident and comfortable you can make fire anytime you need it?

Do You have ways of purifying water and of cooking if all your normal methods stop?

Are you trained and ready and able to defend your family, your property and yourself if it needs to be done? Are you sure about that?

How is your mindset?

The purpose is mot to elevate fear but to instill calm and confidence by getting ready, getting training and practicing using the things and the skills you acquire so that when the time comes you will be able to do fine in conditions that are going to freak most people out and that will be very very hard on them.

Start small but start today.

Begin getting extra food and water and making sure you get stuff that will keep and that you will have ready and available when you need it. then keep adding to it. Start taking classes and workshops and learning real-world skills that can save your life – and that ar just FUN to learn and know too!

Today we call these things survivalism and prepping and other such terms – but in the past, they were called everyday life! Sadly over the past several decade’s people have become more and more DEPENDENT and less INDEPENDENT and less capable than the previous generations who had to know such things to survive. Not as a hobby – but for real.

It is time to change that. Time for people to wake up and to become tougher, smarter and more prepared than ever before.

The key is to start doing something right now and then keep doing it from now on. if you wait – it may be too late one day and you will wish you had taken heed of this message if you don’t – so don’t let that happen to you or your family!

Start getting ready NOW NOW NOW!

The Idea is to Survive and to Be Prepared to Do It Well Too!

It is not all about worst-case scenario. It’s about everyday life. Just do more to be more prepared and then you will have that added peace of mind. Even if the worst thing that happens is a power outage or something of that magnitude – then you are still far better off being ready for something much worse than for something really bad happening and you being caught ill-prepared for any crisis at all.

Research, learn, practice and repeat. Also, share and teach what you learn to help others too if you feel so inclined.

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