There is something very calming and practical about having significant food and water reserves.

Whether it is a natural disaster that results in a multi-day power outage or the threat of store shelves being bare or inaccessible for any number or potential reasons – when you have adequate reserves you don’t have to worry so much about it.

There is also some peace of mind realizing that if you were to suddenly lose your job or your business income stopped immediately – that you would still have plenty of food and water for yourself and your family for at least days and weeks – and ideally for several months or longer.

The nice thing is that you can start building up your emergency food and water reserves right now.

It doesn’t require a huge budget nor very much research or knowledge. Just a will to get started and then actually start taking daily and weekly action now.

I started making sure we always had plenty of reserve food and water on hand at all times several years ago. I started with cheap stuff – canned good, beans, rice, and  Ramen noodles along with cases of bottled water and 5-gallon bottles of distilled water.

To start with I made sure we had a week’s worth and then gradually kept adding to the stockpile until I got it up to being able to comfortably provide us with enough core supplies to make it for several weeks minimum. Eventually, my goal is to have enough on hand at all times to comfortably survive for at least one full year without needing anything other than what we will already have on hand.

What is YOUR plan and have you actually done anything to start?



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