Life is not static.

It is always evolving, moving, changing, and as such requires periodic course changes – much like a sailing ship navigating at sea.

So it is with us too. Recently we sold our beloved Cloverly Cottage homestead in south-central Virginia. I do not regret it at all, though I will miss the property and the space we had there! Here in Stephens City VA we have many more business opportunities and are once again close to our closest friends and family members – though we no longer have land.

We relocated our company and our home for additional opportunities – and I am happy with the decision to do so. Even so, homesteading is still an important part of my plans and a new opportunity to experiment with small space homesteading in an urban environment.

The home we currently occupy is only about 900 square feet – which we find to be about as close to perfect for us as we need to be at this time. The yard is very small – about the size of a townhome yard – maybe a little bigger though not much. There is some space there to use but it will be challenging.

Right now I am thinking raised bed garden and some pots – maybe some kind of vertical garden?

Possible chickens – though I have to check the rules for the county and see, then proceed from there.

This area also offers some of the best outdoor recreation opportunities in the country – and I am happy to be back among the hiking trails and the rivers and lakes here too – and have taken up a new hobby Mountain Biking – which is already proving to be both great fun and excellent exercise.

Here is a picture of my new mountain bike;

Want to see some of my adventures?

If so then check out my L.D. Sewell YouTube Channel and you can get info there on most of what I am doing right now.

While we moved and sold the home much of my content creation came to a screeching halt or at least slowed down greatly – but now I am working my way back into creating content for all of my sites and platforms, so hopefully that will become both more consistent and more substantial over the coming weeks and months. We’ll see…

Until next time, have a great day and make it count!

Best regards,

L.D. Sewell


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