Extreme problems require extreme solutions.

This will NOT be right for everyone. But it might be right for YOU. That you have to decide…

Here is the deal, you want to own your own homestead but you don’t have a pot to piss in – or even if you do you are renting it from someone else and can barely afford the rent.

So how can you possibly ever own your own homestead before you get too old and broken down to do anything with it?

Get a job driving a truck.

Become a tractor-trailer driver – get your CDL – get a job and then work your but off for one full year. Then go buy your own land for cash.

No mortgage. No loan. No payments to anyone for your home ever again!

Sounds GOOD Don’t It?

It is good.

But like I said – this is not for everyone. In fact, it is NOT for most people at all. I am about to tell you how you can really make this work – but only you and you alone can determine whether you are ready and able to pay the price or not.

The price is hardcore self discipline to a fanatical level for 365 days.

You will need to sell and get rid of everything you own that is not nailed down – and if it is nailed down pry it up and sell it too!

No rent, no utilities, no storage fees, no car, no related unnecessary mandatory car insurance, no other related fees, and costs.

The truck is your new home. It provides you with power, with heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer – and with transportation. It provides you with a paycheck – and if you are better than good that will be $1000 to $1500 per week.

All you need is a cell phone as far as bills – and a PO box.

You will also learn how to cook your own food in your truck and eat for just a few bucks a day. Even then you will learn how to make MORE money with affiliate marketing while you are sitting at a dock waiting to get loaded or unloaded.

You will also learn how to rebuild or build a home from the ground up – and you will do all that during that 365 days.

Do it and get the reward – fail to do it and you won’t. It is just that simple.

Want my help? Go to www.ldsewell.com and get my email address -send me an email and a note telling me you want help with owing your own homestead and becoming a truck driver – and I will help you.




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