Money is a necessary thing in this life – like it or not.

Even for the most independent and self-reliant people on earth – there are things that need to be bought and paid for to live a better life. Some of those things are needs and some are wants and they all require money.

Dick Proenneke is a prime example. He was one of the most independent folks to have ever lived and he lived alone in a cabin he built with his own hands in Alaska for nearly 30 years.

If you haven’t heard of him before, check out his info HERE and be sure to find and watch his videos. You can find them on YouTube and various other places.

Even as independent as he was and as much as he produced for himself – he still needed money!

A bush plane brought him supplies and things he needed and wanted periodically. It also picked up his completed films and dropped off more blank film for him to use.

Eventually in his later years as age took its toll he left his handmade cabin and returned to civilization. That certainly took money as did his needs and wants for the remainder of his days on earth.

Build Multiple Sources of Income Production

Having multiple ways to produce the money you need and having many different streams of income is far better than just relying only on one or two sources of income.

That is especially true when your other sources of income depend on jobs – which is typical for the vast majority of people, including most homesteaders, preppers, and survivalists too.

Over all my years working with thousands of people from various walks of life I have seen the same problems and challenges come up again and again. Things that cause such pain and damage to people’s lives and relationships.

Money problems are always near the very top of that list.

The first money problem isn’t even the amount and sources of income – yet one of proper personal financial management – or in other words caused by not managing the money right that is already being earned. That’s another topic for another post.

Today we are talking about the second issue – producing income – or making money to begin with.

As you know this world is currently an increasingly unstable place.

No job is safe and no single source of income is an ongoing certainty. Period.

It is very unwise to rely only on one income stream from any single source regardless of what that source is, so now is the time to begin learning how and then building multiple streams of income for yourself and your family.

That is why I started our Income Production Opportunities website/blog and YouTube channel. I also intend to begin doing a dedicated Income Production Opportunities Edition of The L.D. Sewell podcast too very soon.

We will be discussing various ways to make money with different people who have specialized knowledge, skills, and experience to share with us which can provide you with valuable information to help you do better financially.

The very first interview on the YouTube channel is now up and live – an interview with Jeff Brown who is a successful locksmith business owner with more than 29 years of experience and counting.

Jeff shares his thoughts on what it takes to get started as a locksmith, and some of his own experiences running his own business over the years – and provides a way to reach out and get in contact with him for anyone seriously interested and wanting more information.

He is also an author and writes his own books which he publishes on Amazon, and he owns and operates a separate eBay business too. So Jeff is an entrepreneur who embraces the concept of having multiple streams of income.

Of course, there are many different ways to make money online and off. No single way is the right way for everyone but there are ways that will work for you. You just need to find them and start doing something daily toward producing more income in whatever way works best for you right now.

That’s why we will be talking about many different ways to make more money and you can evaluate them all and decide what works for you and what doesn’t.

One of the ways we cover is becoming a locksmith.

Another option (and one I highly recommend seriously considering too!) is learning Affiliate Marketing and starting your own affiliate marketing business. This is a great business opportunity for you to consider in addition to any others you may choose.


Join me inside Wealthy Affiliate HERE and even try it out for FREE.

You should also take a look at and consider the locksmith business and whether it is something that might work for you.

Check out the site at for additional ways to make more money and you can watch the interview with Jeff on YouTube;

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