Yesterday I looked out my window towards my garden which I just started a few weeks ago, eagerly looking to check the progress of all my vegetables.

In the previous days, most of them had broken the surface of the earth within the first ten days or so of planting them and they were all coming along quite nicely…

Until yesterday that is.

My garden is more than one hundred feet or so from my window – but I could clearly see that the plants in the second bed were all gone!

I looked again, nothing there.

However, the first bed was still intact and looked to be doing just fine. That was yesterday though. This morning I looked out the same window with trepidation, and sure enough, all the plants in the first bed appear to be gone too.

The Villians

In our area, we have a crazy amount of wildlife – which is good – except when they eat the things we do not want them to eat – like my damn garden!

Most likely the main culprits were deer.

They are plentiful indeed, and as soon as the sun goes down I usually see anywhere from two to five or more almost every single day.

Our property, including the garden, has no completed fencing around any of it – though I started a barbed wire fence and have it down one side – the other side from the garden! Beyond that, I have most of the metal posts in the ground, and just bought the ones I need to finish the fence around the perimeter of the yard.

It was raining and had been raining for a few days off and on – so I was waiting for the yard to dry out. Unfortunately, the deer chose not to wait – and made a couple of nice meals out of all our new plants!

Of course, we have all kinds of other critters too, including a neighbor’s cattle that get out and wander over from time to time. In fact, the picture of the cows leaving our driveway on are his cows!

Then there are hawks, all kinds of other birds, foxes, raccoons, and even a few bears.

That’s not to mention all the snakes (mostly rat snakes/black snakes) and about a million frogs. Did I mention the squirrels? There are about a dozen or more that live on our property primarily too – and I enjoy watching all these critters roaming around and doing their thing.

Just so long as they are NOT eating our garden or tearing up our little homestead.

Just Another Learning Experience

These things never make me happy – nor will they make you happy when they happen to you either. There is a key learning opportunity too, and while you can and should learn from my mistakes so hopefully you can avoid most of them – in the end – you will make mistakes too.

Despite all of your best intentions and no matter how hard you may try, there will be times when things just don’t go according to plans and they will go wrong.

But do not quit!

Learn and try again. Do better and keep doing better until you get it done the way you want it done. Even then keep learning and keep improving on a continuous basis.

What I am Going to Do Next

The first thing I am going to do – before I plant any more plants – is to finish the outer perimeter barbed wire fence. Once that is done I am going to come inside that fence a few feet and install another interior fence around the main parameter of the garden itself.

Next, I am going to build two raised beds and plant them first before I do any more in the ground stuff. I am also going to put up some “deterrents” some various obstacles and things I am hoping will deter the deer and large predators.

Then I am going to plant it all again and see what happens…

By the way, my intention is to also post YouTube videos on our YouTube channel and you can find links to those videos on our siteĀ once they are posted.

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