You do not need to have special gear and expensive stuff to start prepping right now.

Just start with simple and affordable stuff available at any grocery store or even most dollar type stores. Get some extra cases of bottled water – and start getting cheap but easy to fix and filling food. Start with Ramen noodles. Really…

Why? They are CHEAP and they are easy to fix and can be very filling, which you will want and need in any crisis. I will also show you some cheap and easy ways to spruce up some recipes and make it better and more nutritious too!

With a single can of chili or a packet or two of tuna, you can make a batch of noodles go a lot further and provide more good stuff that your body can use for something other than to feel a full stomach.

Check back here if you want to see some recipes on specifically how to make various ramen noodle gourmet concoctions.

So stop waiting and just researching and dreaming and get in your vehicle and go get some basic stuff and start getting ready TODAY.

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