Shelter is your number one priority – after that food and water become top priorities along with a need to be able to make a fire for heat if needed –  and for boiling water, cooking, etc.

Let’s talk about emergency survival food – and how you can get some relatively cheap and fast NOW.

Here are a few things for you to consider getting;

  1. Clif Bars – These things are meals in a little sealed wrapper that don’t need to be cooked or heated and they keep a long time. You can get them locally or order them online from Amazon and many other places. Get a few cases today. About three to 4 bars per person is enough to keep you alive and functioning for a long time. They are also delicious!
  2. Bottled Water – Even if you have your own homestead and have a well and rainwater collection system in place – go get several cases of bottled water now and keep it on hand. I like Dasani and Aquafina in that order, get whatever you like but get some. You may have a number of things happen that require you to NEED it, including being forced to flee your homestead/home base.
  3. Ramen Noodles – Cheap and filling. You can add a few ingredients and bump up the nutrients too (mayo, tuna, chicken etc.) Buy this stuff by the case and get multiple cases now. All you need to do is add hot water to this stuff in a bowl and cover it for a few minutes and then you have a meal. I will be showing you some of my own recipes later too.
  4. Tuna – Sealed packets or pop-top cans. Quick and easy and can be used in multiple ways.
  5. Mayonnaise – Have some jars and some individually sealed plastic packets (no refrigeration required unless opened!). You can add mayo to Ramen and many other things.
  6. Salt, Pepper, and Seasonings – You are going to want to add some flavor so get some and keep it handy.
  7. Pop-tarts – May not be the best health food-wise – but when push comes to shove you will be glad you have a few cases on hand.


You can find most of what you want and need on Amazon – and if you use my links to do so I will earn affiliate commissions at no additional charges to you. You can access Amazon through my link HERE.

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