This world is NOT a stable place – nor is it any longer as safe as it once was. Those days are gone. Prepare yourself for the new realities of daily survival.



Being an alarmist serves no real purpose – and neither does being naive or stupid about the current realities of the world you and I now live in.

Now is the time to take immediate action, and reduce the chances of very bad situations arriving imminently for you and your family.

One of the first things to do is assess the situation of where you now live. Then make a decision. Stay or leave now, before it is too late for you to do so.

That you need to decide on your own – but do it with eyes wide open to the truth of what is happening there. If you find yourself in a bad place with lots of bad people doing bad things, then it is time to get out.

Major cities are generally unsafe, even in the best of times, and these days staying there may be the worst decision possible. But again, you have to do your own assessment and make your own decision – just remember this – it is YOUR DECISION to make!

You do have the right and the ability to leave if you want to do so.

Where is a Better Place?

Outside the cities and far away from their suburbs too. Get further out in the country somewhere, and you will enjoy better things in life if you choose the right place.

You will be able to enjoy all of the following and more;

  • Less unrest and crime
  • Lower cost for property
  • Less noise
  • Fewer crowds
  • Less traffic
  • Lower taxes
  • Fewer regulatory restrictions
  • Better air quality
  • More space and room (parking, yard, etc.)
  • Ability to keep animals
  • Have a garden
  • Build a more self-sufficient homestead
  • Run any number of businesses from home
  • More peace and quiet
  • Better safety and security

Even for those who love the cities – if you get far enough out but not too far – you can enjoy the best of both worlds and enhance your own safety and security all at the same time!

Choose something far enough away – but still within a distance that you would not mind making a drive when you want to go to the city for shopping or for whatever you want to go there for. Yet still be able to head back to the safety and security of your own little homestead whenever you like.

What If You Are a Hardcore City Dweller?

I get it. Some people just like city life (never been my thing and never will either!) and to each their own. If you are happy and fully aware of what you are doing and the current realities of city-dwelling… then good luck with that.

On the other hand, if you would like to have the best solution Рor at least a better solution Рthen consider also buying an inexpensive property an hour or two or so away. Somewhere you and your family can go on the weekends and holidays and enjoy as a getaway Рand if it comes down to it Рcan serve as a bugout location  Рand that might be a critical thing for you to have in an emergency.

There are many country properties that are available all over the country for next to nothing… especially if they are in a serious state of disrepair. Maybe there is an old dilapidated house that hasn’t been lived in for ages and is all overgrown with bushes, and maybe full of busted windows.

That may be just the opportunity you need – if you can get the right property for the right price!

Spend the weekends fixing it up, rebuilding and improving it.

You can also build a simple shed – or buy one and convert it – into a tiny house/tiny cottage so you can enjoy it almost immediately.

Do that and you can keep living in the city as long as you like, but with greater peace of mind knowing you have a place to go if need be.

Recent Shortages are a Precursor of What is Coming!

Warning! It will happen AGAIN and it will be far worse!

Take recent events as what they should be – a serious attention-getter for you, and a very loud alarm bell to wake up now and begin preparing while you still can. That’s not an alarmist thing – though it may sound like it – yet is just plain old hardcore reality.

Deal with it – or you can bet your ass – it will deal with you, whether you like it or not.

Start prepping TODAY.

That means start gathering food and supplies gradually but consistently – being intentional about it – and thinking through what you really need and what you want.

That includes at a minimum;

  1. Survivalist and Prepper MINDSET
  4. Emergency shelter
  5. All-weather clothing and footwear
  6. Method to produce fire
  7. Water (Individually Bottled/5 gallons/and containers you can fill)
  8. Water purification methods
  9. Food (bulk foods that keep longterm and are easy to prepare)
  10. Medical supplies
  11. Tools/weapons
  12. Duct Tape
  13. AM/FM Radio
  14. CB Radio
  15. Transportation
  16. Fuel
  17. Toilette paper/diaper wipes
  18. Hose attachment for toilette (spray nozzle)
  19. Plenty of trash bags – large and small – and some drum liners too
  20. Kitty litter (use pine pellets/horse bedding)
  21. Rubbing alcohol (highest alcohol content you can get!)
  22. Bleach (pure as possible – not scented, etc.)
  23. Small mirror
  24. Flashlights/tactical lights
  25. Prescription and Over the counter meds
  26. Spare eyeglasses

This list is not in a fully sequential order – just a basic idea to START with. You need to create your own list. Write down what you need, inventory what you have, and start getting the rest.

Keep reviewing your list and your inventory at least weekly and keep improving your own readiness. Do some research and watch some YouTube videos, read a few books, read some blogs. There is no shortage of information – but remember that information alone is not all you need. You need ACTION.

So start learning and then start doing at the same time and you will be far more likely to do far better than you will otherwise when round two happens – and happen it will. Sooner or later – bank on it.

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