According to who?

Read anything I have ever written and you know much about me really quickly – and one thing you realize is that I am big on independence and freedom and very much against just going with the flow. Defiance is in my DNA – and I LIKE IT like that.

I suggest you consider a similar approach.

The alternative is to be a member of the herd and be led around by others with their own agendas. You decide for yourself.

The way I choose to see it is like this – the definition that other people want to provide does not matter anymore or any less than YOU decide to let it.

There are little clicks that are like grade school – they think they get to say what is and what isn’t one thing or another. Boy, are they in for a rude awakening!

The way I see it everyone who has a home is in one way or another a “Homesteader” – it’s just that some have a better plan and a more specific way of going about it than others do. So you can be a “homesteader” in a city apartment or living on a few acres just outside the city – or be way out in the middle of nowhere on hundreds of acres. It’s the mindset you intentionally choose and the specific actions you decide to take that will make all the difference – not other people’s approval or definitions – which frankly don’t matter at all.

As for being a survivalist – if you are able to read this that means you are still alive and breathing – therefore you are in fact a survivalist!

Now how good of one you are, well that is another story.

The truth is that most people take the path of default and are not actually thinking proactively and not doing things that help them be more prepared and that lessen the overall risks for specific things that are likely to happen to them – let alone other things that might happen one day.

My goal is for us all to get better at homesteading and much better at survivalism and not only to do so intentionally, with a better mindset – but to start doing it systematically on a continuous never-ending basis.

That’s the general idea anyway

So just in case you were wondering, or waiting for someone to give you permission or certification or some other approval – you do not need it!

All you need to do is to decide that you want to become INTENTIONAL and SYSTEMATIC about continuous improvement in Homesteading and Survivalism – then START!






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